Thursday, April 30, 2009


            When I arrived home after a long day at work Celia started to freak out with joy. She does this funny little thing where she flaps her arm up and down when she’s excited or happy. It’s so endearing, I ran over to her and swooped her up, declaring, “Sweetheart! I’m home! Where’s my little Sugar Plum! How’s my Little Pumpkin!”
            She squealed with delight and laughed and pumped her arms up and down. Michelle had been chatting with our neighbor Leanne, and they still somehow managed to continue their conversation as I danced around with the baby giving her kisses and calling her all sorts of ridiculous names.
            Finally, Michelle caved in and joined the bouncing duo with smiles and laughter. The three of us bounced and laughed, especially Celia, who was so very precious at that moment. Leanne looked at us and said, “What a great laugh! I wish mine laughed like that.”
            We smiled at her and she said, “Well, I’ve got to go.”
            “What, no bouncing?” I asked as she trailed out the door.
            “Maybe next time,” she said.
            The three of us gathered in for a big family hug and kiss. I think home-comings are one of my favorite moments in the day; a cacophony of joy. I looked in my daughter’s eyes, and she gave me the biggest grin possible and flapped her right arm again. I flapped my free arm as I held her, and we flapped together for a bit.
            “Good day at work?” Michelle asked,
            “Not bad. Very full. I felt like I was catching up the whole day.”
            “It was like a Monday on a Wednesday.”
“Exactly. So, what’s for dinner?”
            “Chicken. I bought three in a pack, because they were on sale.”
“I need to run out to the local accountant to get my taxes done, probably an hour or so.”
The accountant was a great decision. I’d gone with a nice guy in the past, but I’ve always had such a rough time connecting with him, and I never felt like he did it exactly right. When I walked in the door at the local place in the Vietnamese part of town, I instantly felt a breath of fresh air. They wanted to get my taxes done as quickly as possible and to save me money, so they started filling it out as I sat there with them.
However, we soon ran into a glitch. It would appear that my last accountant didn’t do a proper job of reporting my side business, and suddenly I was speaking to another man who told me we’d have to schedule a longer meeting next week.
“But taxes are due tomorrow!” I said.
“Ah, but if you’re self-employed, you don’t have to file till June,” he said with a smile.
I looked at him, smiled, and felt like I was in good hands. It was the end of the day, so I gracefully left them so they could go home, but called again today to see what I owed, because even though I can file in June, I have to pay now, he told me. I called and he said, “Good news. You get a refund! Two thousand six hundred and eight dollars.”
I grinned on the phone. Somehow, I knew it would all be okay. Sure, I might have to shell out a thousand bucks to get everything sorted out with my side business, but if I’m getting even more than that back, who can complain?
I thanked him and called Michelle. I stood outside with the construction across the street interjecting its own cacophony, until finally I gave up and went inside again. Too much noise for one day. Although I suppose I’ll be glad to hear the noise from my little one again tonight when I get home. My little bundle of exuberance. When the day’s been good, she’s like the icing on the cake. Or better, she’s the piece of cake and all this other stuff is ice cream and toppings. Yeah, she’s one awesome little girl.

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