Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Day That Shall Be Remembered as "Poosday"

            Yesterday was dubbed, not Tuesday, but “Poosday.” Michelle literally spent two-and-a-half hours cleaning up different poos. First it was the cat poo, then, when that finally seemed under control, the baby exploded on the front porch. Poo went right up her backside, covering the bouncy seat she was in. Poosday.
            When I got off work, I picked up Michelle downtown and took her home, stopping by a pet store to buy different kitten foods and litters. By the time we got home, I changed quickly and ran out the door to play pick-up soccer at the local park. Guys from around the world gather to play three times a week. It was so refreshing to get out and exercise, and I played well, which felt great.
By the time I got home, the baby was already asleep. So, that was it. No baby time in the afternoon. It’s a tough one, because I desperately crave even a small portion of time to do some of the things I used to do pre-baby. But then I also want to spend as much time as possible with her, because these days are passing by so quickly and before I know it she’ll be wanting to spend time with her friends instead of with me.
The balance of life is always a tricky one. When I think about how happy it made me, to get out and enjoy that game of soccer, I know it was the right choice. I’ll spend time with Celia tonight. But I definitely want to cherish every moment, and be careful not to go too far one way or the other.
By the time I got home from soccer, Michelle was cooking and looking frazzled. She hadn’t stopped all day. I said, “Michelle, look at you! It’s the good ol’ Michelle pre-baby. You’re go-go-go.”
She looked up at me from chopping a red pepper with weary eyes and said, “Except I didn’t sleep enough last night, and I’m exhausted.”
I finished cooking the meal that night.
I find there’s an important balance between me and Michelle as well. Between all the household chores and caring for the baby, we need to balance time to get it all done as well as down-time together. It seems like we only get time together at nights these days. I miss it. Our relationship is good, and we talk openly about everything going on. It’s just that we don’t have very much time. Plain and simple, time is more precious now than ever.
We’re looking into ways to get more time. The baby is slowly starting to learn the new sleep training we’re teaching her. She’s old enough now to stay in her crib 95% of the night, so we’re going to move it further from our bedroom. If the baby gets her sleep, then Michelle and I will feel rested, and also not need to go to bed as early. Everything will brighten with more energy.
Our bedroom is in the upstairs of the house. The house is an old rickety place,  over 100 years old, and the upstairs used to be an attic, you can tell. It’s one long, slender room with slanted ceilings on both sides. Not cramped, mind you, but the kind of space we’d like to do more with somehow. So, last week we moved the office downstairs again, and left a sofa at the end by the window. We’re going to move her crib over there too. Hopefully, that will give us more time alone together on the other side. We’ll see.

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