Monday, May 25, 2009

The Creation of Tay-Tay

            The kid is crawling all over the place. Sitting up. Pulling herself onto the coffee table. I think she’s going to start climbing stairs soon.
            There’s no down-time anymore. Used to be, I could read a book when she was playing on the carpet. She’d make her little “Da, da, da” sounds and I’d know she was happy. Now, even when she’s quiet I need to aware. Yesterday I looked up and couldn’t see her anywhere! I scoured the living room quickly, then stood and found her in the front room playing with the cable to the floor lamp.
            “Ah! Celia! This is not for you! Come over here and play with your toys!” I gently picked her up and brought her back to the living room. And she loves chewing on everything right now, because more teeth are coming in on the top.
            I just know she’s going to hurt herself. Michelle asked, “What happens if she chews through wires?”
            I looked at her and said, “If she touches both the positive and negative at the same time? El Zappo!”
            She raised her eyebrows, so I continued, “It would really hurt, if not kill her.”
            In fact, last week a co-worker told me the story of how he saw this little kid who seemed to have a discolored face, and he asked the dad what had happened, and the dad said, “He stuck a fork in an outlet. Scarred him for life.”
            Sheesh! How can you keep up with all of that?! And she just gets more and more inquisitive each day. It seems like she’s growing bored of “just” playing with toys. She’s got to see and experience every last nook and cranny of the house.
            Michelle texted me this morning, said the baby hit her head pretty hard on a corner.
            “Any blood?” I asked when I called her.
            “No, but she’ll definitely have a bruise.”
            “The first of many, I’m sure.”
I was telling a co-worker about her new adventures, and he said, “You’re going to start using the word ‘No’ a lot.”
I thought to myself, “No way. I don’t want to say that word to my child every day.” But what do you do? You’ve got to teach her boundaries. I definitely want her to understand that the guitar is “Daddy’s” and not hers to touch. But how to teach her?
Michelle said some Brits say, “Tay-Tay.” I like that. It seems like a nonsense word to me. And if Celia starts running around telling me, “Tay-Tay!” when she doesn’t want to do something, well, I think I’d like that more than a big, fat, “No!”. Yep, it’ll be a house of Tay-Tay from now on. Oh, I’m sure she’ll learn “No” as well, but it’s nice to have a strategy to tone it down.
Every month it seems like I’m thinking about different things with her. I’m now suddenly interested in a book on parenting that a good friend recommended, and I really appreciate it. Not that I need to practice it yet because she’s still pretty young, but it’s good to be prepared for when those moments do arise down the road. It’s happening fast. I didn’t know I was getting old so quickly, and the way this kid keeps growing reminds me. Yes, time is passing. Change happens quickly. Don’t lose track of that.

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