Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lack of Sleep

            Late nights and early mornings. Frankly, it wears down the system. However, I do have to say how my body seems to be adjusting. Before the baby I was used to seven or eight hours of sleep, now I’m getting by on six or less, and though I’m tired, I’m not as tired as I used to be.
            Last night was a particular challenge, because finally Michelle is letting the baby cry it out at night. She’s almost eight months, and plenty old enough if you ask me. So, at around 3am, the crying began. Michelle changed the diaper, then put the covers on her and didn’t let her get in bed with us. Celia pretty much wailed for forty minutes. Even with the earplugs in I couldn’t sleep. What a voice! I’m sure she’ll be a great singer someday, with lungs like that.
            When she beckoned me out of bed this morning, she was surprisingly happy. As if nothing had happened at 3am. All just a bad dream. And we had a very pleasant morning together. I went for a run with her at the park, and we played with the kitten. Delightful.
            Now, if only I can keep this up long term; lack of sleep but decent energy. I’m doubtful. It’s going to catch up to me, and once again I’ll be “Ephie El Groucho” grumbling and griping as I’ve never done before. Well, we’ll see. For now, I’m happy.

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