Thursday, May 7, 2009


            Celia is really crawling around now. It started with backward crawling about a month ago. We’d put her on the ground just a few inches from some toy, and she’d try her best to strain and reach for the toy until finally realizing she’d have to move. But then, when she’d get on her knees she’d go backwards for some reason. Or roll. She’d groan and try her best to reach the toy, but really all she did was pretty much random rolling and edging herself backward.
            All month long I’ve been waiting for her to crawl. Every day I’d think to myself, “Tomorrow will be the day.” But then she’d still be just barely unable.
            When she finally did figure out how to go forward, she strained and groaned and finally lifted one hand, moving it about two inches forward. Then, she strained and groaned and moved the other hand two inches forward. After the third time she broke down crying.
            Every day since then she’s been able to move forward just a little bit more before the crying starts. She went from moving a few inches to moving a few feet, to finding the wires on the other side of the room and putting them in her mouth! Eek! We rushed over and pulled them out. We definitely need to baby-proof our house.
I love these different stages of development. She is slowly aging and learning, and we get to be a part of all of that. The most important step for me was when she started to smile, around two months old. Before that, she was just a sleeping and pooping machine. Of course, I loved her, but it was so difficult to receive no real response from her. When she gave that first smile, I knew she was interacting with me, and I felt this deep sense of fatherhood. Yes, this is my daughter. She has responded to me.
Of course, I loved it when she started to laugh, and when she discovered her toes. Now, every day is full of new discoveries for her. She’s observing everything, you can tell. Watching. Learning. Growing.
Last night we went to our friends’ house for dinner, and Celia stayed awake the whole time. That alone is shocking, because her bedtime is around 7pm, and we didn’t leave till after 9pm. But the biggest shock was that she was so pleasant the whole time! She barely fussed at all. She rolled around on the floor for awhile. She sat with us at the table for a bit. She ate some of my dad’s special chicken and rice. She was such a well-behaved baby, I kept marveling at her throughout the night. Who knows, maybe it was a fluke, but I don’t know, something tells me she’s maturing marvelously.
Again, maybe this is a fluke, but this morning I had my guitar in my lap and Celia showed interest, so I put her on my lap with the guitar in front of her and strummed a bit. She put her hands on the strings, which dampened the sound. I plucked a string and said, “Look, Celia. Pluck. Pluck.” I plucked the string over and over. She looked up at me, then pulled her hand away and made a beautiful sound. “Yay! Well done! You plucked it!” She put her hand back on it and pulled it off again. “Very good! Pluck! Pluck!” She slapped the strings. “That’s strumming! Well done, Celia! Strum! Strum!”
I smiled and my mom started taking pictures. A good ol’ family moment.
Who knows? Maybe Celia really figured it out. Or maybe I was just lucky. Only time will tell. Either way, I certainly am enjoying her maturity. The fact that she wants her space now. Praise God! Have your space, baby. Have your space! Take all the space you need, give us the time to breathe, and please…
Grow at your own pace.

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