Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Diaper Compromise

            Amazing what a good night’s rest does for the spirits. I feel great today. Full of energy and life. Taking on the world. Making lots of phone calls at work. Playing things assertive and tough, but well-natured. I feel like I’m back.
            Funny though. Celia was up at around 5am, and Michelle gave her to me at 5:40am. I was sluggish and she cried a lot, until I finally gave up at 7am and took her back to bed. I fell asleep for an hour, so I was late for work, but boy, do I feel great! I think I’m going to give myself this kind of flexibility in the future. A little late, but way more efficient. The time I’ve lost by being late is easily made up in my productivity.
            The baby is wonderful these days. When I come home from work she always smiles and giggles now. It makes a man feel great, like a real hero. It reminds me of why I wanted to have children, unlike all those diaper changes.
            Speaking of which, Michelle and I have come to a compromise. You’ve got to love it when compromises win the day. We’re cancelling the diaper service, and buying a certain kind of cloth diaper that is easy to put on, maintain, and wash, and we’ll use them half-and-half with disposables.
Michelle said, “You use the disposables, and I’ll use the cloth.” It makes me smile just to think of it. We really do work well together. Michelle does way more of the diaper changes, so overall it will be an enormous cost savings, I figure. I’ll know when I look at our finances again in a month or so.

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