Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Rest and a New Nephew

            My brother just had a baby boy, with red curly hair! Ah, babies are so exciting. When he called me this morning, it brought a little tear to my eye.
            It is touching stuff. A new life in this world. A new soul. How do you explain that? It’s miraculous. Profound. Science doesn’t really do justice to explaining how this little boy is going to turn out in his character and personality. Is he going to be rambunctious or peaceful? Athletic or lazy? It’s magical. Mystical. Miraculous.
            As far as personalities go, Celia is a little charmer. Everyone who meets her just loves her to bits. I’m sure lots of people have that experience with their kids, but I do think she’s rather friendly, which makes people interact with her a lot.
            She’s doing marvelously at sleeping through the night these days. She’ll wake up once or twice and cry for a bit, then go right back to sleep. Michelle was concerned this week about Celia, “She’s eating way more than she used to. I think something’s wrong.”
            I didn’t say anything, but I thought, “Duh.” She’s not eating at night anymore, so of course she’s going to eat more during the day.
            What a world of difference it makes to our overall energy. I feel zing when I step out of the house in the mornings, not the dragging-the-feet energy from last month. I’m so thankful she sleeps now, and I can see that Michelle’s happier too. It’s amazing to think that she didn’t want to do this sleep training thing. It is so worth it, and such a small sacrifice. All it requires is for her to allow the baby to cry. That’s it. Not a big deal, if you ask me. And Celia seems happier for it too, probably mostly because her Mommy and Daddy are happier.
            So, I have more impetus to do things in the evening now. Yesterday we went out to a birthday barbecue in the park. When Celia started to fuss after 7:30pm I put her in the stroller with a blanket draped over it, and she conked out in minutes, and slept for a good hour-and-a-half before we went home and put her properly to bed. How easy is that? We have a life again, and I love it.
            And I’m sleeping with my wife again, which I dearly missed last week. It was so worth it, to put the pressure on her in that way. Sometimes we all need a little kick in the pants to step up to the plate. A loving, gentle, but prominent kick.

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