Monday, July 27, 2009

The Obligatory Pickle

            I’m so excited to take my vacations at the end of the week, I can hardly contain myself.  I haven’t had real down-time since Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to it. Sure, the baby will probably keep me running the whole time, but I look forward to actually reading a book, taking a nap, sipping a nice, cold margarita in the middle of the day, sitting down to a good family meal with my parents.
            Speaking of meals, the baby is just going at it with the food. We already figured out a few weeks ago that she has a serious preference to meat, but now we see she loves her fruit, too. In fact, she loves it so much, she figured out how to open the Tupperware container filled with cherries while we were hanging out at the beach and managed to get her sandy hands all over them before popping a few into her mouth. By the time we managed the situation, and showed her how to take a nice bite out of the cherries, she’d already swallowed at least one pit (don’t worry, Michelle called me this morning to tell me that the pit had come through her poo… yes, another poo phone call!).
            Celia’s eating habits have definitely shifted to the messier side of things. No matter what it is I feed her, she will now spit it out into her little fingers to take a look at it before popping it back into her mouth again. Of course, now that the food is all over her hands, she’ll then proceed to rub said hands all over her high chair, clothing, hair, face, and even the cat, if it’s foolhardy enough to come near during meal times.
            I have to say, I’m impressed with her ability to deftly grab the food and put it back into her mouth the way she does. Even our Mexican house-mate wasn’t able to manage that the other day! I made these humongous pork grilled-cheese sandwiches which we proceeded to eat out on the porch on a sunny day, and when I offered him a pickle he politely refused.
            “Do you eat pickles in Mexico?” I asked.
            “No,” he said.
            “Have you ever had a pickle?” I asked, giving him a look as if to say, “You’d better try it at least once in your life!”
            “No,” he said, then said, “Okay, give me a pickle.”
            “Now here’s how to eat one properly,” I explained as I forked it out of the jar and put it on his plate, “You want both the flavors of the pickle and the sandwich to be in your mouth at the same time, so take a bite of the pickle, then, without swallowing, take a bite of the sandwich.”
            He took the obligatory bite of pickle, then shakily picked up the massive sandwich. As he opened his mouth to take that huge bite, lo and behold, the pickle fell out!
            We laughed, and laughed. Michelle had no idea what was so funny, but didn’t bother to ask. I guess laughter is pretty commonplace around our house. And let’s face it, our baby does her fair share of food droppage every couple of hours, what’s a little bit of pickle on the porch in the grand scheme of things?
            Yes, our little munchkin is really munching. I sometimes have wondered if we’re feeding her too much. I’m not sure you can really do that with babies, but I suppose we’ll just kind of go with the feel of things. But one thing’s for sure. After her fourth large poo full of dark cherries, Michelle and I can both definitely agree – no matter what else we aren’t sure about in regards to feeding her, we both had the same thought on the phone this morning: less cherries!

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