Saturday, July 11, 2009

Interrupted Thoughts

            Does your baby hardly suck or suck hard? Ours is starting to suck hard, according to Michelle. Her entire breast is emptied in ten minutes nowadays, which is a huge difference from the twenty minutes it used to take. I think I’m drinking more too. Even as I write I’ve got a beer in front of me on the coffee table.
            And in an instant everything is shaken up. I’ve paused in my writing because Celia came over and grabbed at the beer on the coffee table, which I was barely able to remove from her grasp just in the nick of time, but of course the movement made a small spill on the coffee table. Celia instantly proceeded to grab my laptop, which I had to pull out of her hands and place on the couch. When I looked back at her she’d already run her hand through the beer spill on the table and was putting it in her mouth!
            “Ack! Celia! What are you doing!?”
            Michelle came to the rescue and pulled Celia away. It’s time for a little B & B, I think. Although I hope she naps quickly because I really want to go to the beach, and there’s not much daylight left.
            If we move to the States I’m really going to miss the beach. Not that we go a lot, but even having the option to go is quite a nice feeling. I’ll be heading down on Tuesday for a whole bunch of different meetings, to see if this is really the direction the business will be taking. It’s scary to me. Change is always hard, I know. But there’s lots of risk in taking on a business, and I would really miss this city, especially our community. They’ve been such a blessing to us, more than we ever could have asked for. People have blessed us with an abundance of baby stuff, not to mention cooked for us during the first few weeks of the baby, which was the hardest.
            And of course, our closest friends. Friends are the hardest thing to leave, because I know from experience that I don’t keep up with my distant friends very much. I love them and care about them, but the ones who are local are my focus. And there’s something right about that. It’s such a hard decision, thinking of leaving this town.
            But I think of how all these fears and leaving things behind is holding me back, and that’s not right either. I’ve got to decide based on what’s right. And every time things get shaken up in our lives, we are more open to new possibilities, new growth, new discoveries.
            Sheesh-Kabeesh! Celia interrupted me again! Can’t finish any thoughts with her around. 

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