Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Porch Pool and an Unconvincing Argument

            So hot.
            I know other parts of the world get hotter, but for the west coast we’re just not used to it. Temperatures almost at 100ºF with absurd humidity and no A/C.
            It was so hot, in fact, that the baby couldn’t sleep. We had good friends over from out of town, and after we put Celia down to bed we sat on the front porch (couldn’t stay inside) sipping our Cabernet Sauvignon and taking scrumptious nibbles of filet mignon, when the baby started to cry. Usually we wait a few minutes before going up, but Michelle had a feeling that our attempts at circulation wouldn’t be effective.
            The upstairs used to be an attic, so there’s no insulation, one window, and lots of trapped air. We set up two fans on high speed, one in the window and one pointed directly at the crib, but when Michelle went up there, sure enough Celia was drenched in sweat. Poor kid.
            So, Michelle brought Celia down to the front porch so she could cool down. She rubbed her eyes and squinted at us having our elegant dinner. The day before Michelle had bought a tiny inflatable pool, and it still had a couple inches of water in it, so she put the baby in the pool and sat down next to her to finish her meal.
            Celia slowly became human again as she sat in the water, and splashed a little to get it on her body. We laughed then continued our conversation. The couple had been asking us about parenting, because they were thinking of having kids themselves. We were telling them all the great things about kids, and they held hands and looked at each other lovingly.
            Then, right at one of those moments where we all felt the beauty of parenting, Celia propped herself up the door and, standing in her pool, let out a large poo right into the water! Of course, every single one of us happened to be watching, and my friends let out a large guffaw. Michelle scooped the baby up to get her out of the water before it touched her cute little feet.
            Celia looked around in surprise as she stood on the front mat and we all laughed. Then, she pooped again, right on the mat. Squishy stuff, too.
            I turned to my friends and said, “Of course, there’s always the poo to deal with.”
            Michelle and I scurried around cleaning the mat, the baby and the pool. By the time we were able to get back to our friends, I’m not sure what they had discussed, but I think they had a better picture of parenthood. Nothing like a visual example to give a clear idea of what you’re really getting into, right?
            Tomorrow we head out to see my family in Montana. I’m thrilled for many reasons; not only do I crave the break, I’m excited because this will probably be more significant for Celia than the last time we visited. Last time she was so young, I’m skeptical that she’d remember anything. I’m so excited for her to start remembering things. As for the sweaty nights and pooping in the pool, I suppose I’ll just have to tell her the stories when she gets older.
            Good thing I’m writing this down. A little time capsule on paper. Some people take videos. Some take pictures. I like to write. Whatever way we do it, I definitely want to savor every moment, even the poopy ones, because before I know it she’ll be fully grown and this will all be a faint memory. And hey, the crazy moments are in some ways even better to remember than the happy ones. They may suck in the moment, but they’re certainly interesting!
            Just remember that the next time there’s a crazy moment.

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