Thursday, July 9, 2009

When the Water Broke

            Date night.
            We had a lovely time, and the baby was completely charming for our dear friend who babysat. It was so important to connect with Michelle in that way. Yes, we do connect daily, and we do get out and have fun, but I took her to a swanky French restaurant where we sipped Viognet and slurped fresh mussels, then we actually went to a movie in the theatres. There’s nothing that can quite compare to that.
            Our baby is getting mature enough that Michelle is starting to talk about having another one. Part of me thinks, “Holy smokes! Already!?” but then I think, “Michelle’s approaching forty, and we can’t dilly dally.” So, maybe after her twenty-year reunion in August we’ll pull out the goalie.
            Speaking of new babies, my brother’s wife had her water break yesterday. I figured we’d have a niece or nephew by now, but apparently she hasn’t gone into active labor yet. I was all confused about this, because my only experience is from my own daughter’s birth, but it would seem that the water breaking can mean a wide variety of things in the stage of childbirth. Michelle’s water broke when we were in the lobby of the hospital. She was hogging the single bathroom and we all marveled that a women’s birthing hospital would only have a single bathroom for all those women in the waiting room.
            While she was on the toilet pushing and straining, I was holding her hands and saying nice things like, “You’re doing great, honey,” when all of a sudden, SPLOOSH! A torrent of liquid gushed out, splashed out of the toilet and all over me.
            I looked down in shock at the only clothing I’d brought to the hospital and started to laugh. I laughed and laughed and laughed, then said, “Well, it wasn’t what I expected, that’s for sure!”
            Anyway, Michelle gave birth within about four or five hours of her water breaking. It looks like they’ll have to induce labor for my sister-in-law, because it’s taking its sweet old time. But soon I’ll be an uncle as well as a father, and I’m certainly glad that Celia will have a close relative in age. I’ve been hoping it’s a girl because my brother is rambunctious and I figured it would be good for them to have a female as the first, to keep things more calm, but I have a feeling, a very strong one, that it’ll be a boy. Something about the way the baby is sitting in my sister-in-law’s belly. Females spread out in the belly, and males seem to jut forward more.
            Well, we’ll see. Speculation can only bring so much, but reality brings the real deal. We’ll all know without a doubt soon. And no matter what the sex of the baby is, I’m certain my brother will find it just as challenging (and important) as I did to take his wife out on a date night.

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