Friday, August 21, 2009

The Great Plum Explosion of 2009

            The Great Plum Explosion of 2009.
            That’s what I’ll forever remember yesterday as. We went to a friend’s house who has these beautiful plum trees in the backyard. And partway through our conversation on his porch he said, “I want to enlist all of you.” So, we happily followed him to the backyard and each held a corner of his sheet as he proceeded to shake the highest plum tree branches with a long rod. Plums fell from the heavens, nearly knocking the head of little Celia, and within minutes the sheet was full.
            We then proceeded to gorge ourselves. Okay, we didn’t eat dozens each, but I certainly had more than a few, and I have no idea how many Celia ate because she had at least two from me, and I saw both my mother and Michelle feeding her plums at different times.
            As you can well imagine, the “Plum Explosion” occurred late that evening, while Celia was asleep, and yes, it was in her diaper. Anyway, it wasn’t all that big a deal, just a smell to be dealt with, and we’re most certainly veterans of that. We’re heading back to life in the big city soon. I’ll miss these times we’ve shared, and I’m glad we took a lot of photos. It was a great vacation for Celia to see a lot of the world, and even though she won’t remember it, she might have a better chance of remembering things if she sees the photos.
            So, back to work. I’m surprisingly ready. I’ve started gearing myself up for it, and I feel good. I think three weeks is a good amount of time. Less feels a bit too little, as if I’ve just started to relax, and more would be nice, but seems unnecessary to truly feel rested.

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