Friday, August 28, 2009


            She cried a lot last night.
            Ugh. Didn't get enough rest. Again.
            You'd think she was past this, because she already learned to sleep through the night months ago, but when we were traveling Michelle gave her lots of grace and fed her during the night to calm her. Every time there was a decent enough excuse for it; she was in a different bed every night, and started teething, and then got a bit sick with a skin rash and slight fever. Michelle just wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible.
            The problem with all of this is that the baby obviously decided that she likes this way more than what we taught her earlier, which is to sleep through the night. So of course now that we're back and trying to get her to sleep through the night, she's just flipping out.
            She literally was freaking out. She was fed, and Michelle even gave her Tylenol just in case. Nope, nothing wrong. She just wanted the booby.
            In the end, after even I couldn't console her (I tried, because at least the baby knows she ain't gettin' no booby from me!), I finally gave up and slept downstairs on the living room floor. I got some sleep and a sore back.
            Like I said... Ugh.

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