Monday, August 24, 2009

Elephant Sounds and Forgetting the Mexican

            It’s good to be back home. I know, it’s a funny thing to say, back to work and the big city, but there’s something to be said for getting back into the good work I’ve been putting my efforts into this last year. Something wholesome. And it’s also good to be in our own home again. With our own bed, our own carpets, our own kitchen.
            The cat almost freaked out when we arrived. She followed me around everywhere for hours, wouldn’t let me out of its site. Celia seemed like she didn’t remember anything. I was quite surprised, to tell the truth. All the most important people in her life, she just looked at them blankly when they said “Hi” to her.
            “She doesn’t remember me!” our Mexican house-mate said.
            “How can that be possible?” I said. But it did seem true. I guess three weeks is a long time for a ten-month-old, almost a tenth of their entire lifespan to date. That’d be like three-and-a-half years for me! Enough to forget someone, most certainly. Still, I felt apologetic to my friends. Celia seemed to recognize my mother instantly when we first showed up in Montana. How do you explain that?
            She travels well, this kid. She only broke down twice in the twelve-hour car-ride. Both times she just needed some attention and a change of scenery. We’d take her out of the car and point to the scenic things on the way – the tall trees or deep river. She’d take a large breath and say, “Waaaaaw!” to mimic my exclamation of, “Wow!”
            She’s mimicking me in other ways now, too, which is so delightful to watch. The cabin on the lake had this huge elephant toy, and I made this elephant sound by blowing through pursed lips, and Celia, the little cutie, would mimic me and try to do the same, with a big grin on her face. Oh, it just made me smile and laugh.
            We just had to video it, and when I later showed it to my parents on the big screen at their house my mom said, “How precious! We never did video anything of you boys.” I think that’s too bad. I’d love to see videos of me as a kid. That would be priceless to me. I’m certainly glad we’re taking all these photos and videos of Celia. It feels overwhelming at times, just how many we’re collecting, but I think that once we sift through them and select the best, we can put the photos in a book, and make a nice little DVD for her. These are things she’ll probably cherish. At least, I know I will.

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