Monday, August 3, 2009

Celia Pinched the Snake

            I was chatting with Michelle when three ten-year old girls came running up to us.
            “We found a snake!” they yelled.
            I said, “Oh! Let’s take a picture!”
            I handed Celia to one of them and the four of them posed for the camera, holding up the little squiggly snake with enormous smiles. After a few good photos I said, “I wonder what Celia thinks?”
            Michelle came over and took Celia, then held her close to the snake. Everyone held their breath. What would happen? Would she cry? Get scared? Freak out somehow? The girl slowly raised the snake for Celia to look at. I took a picture. 
            Celia looked curious.
            Then, in a sudden instant, Celia reached out, with her new vice-grasp cereal-snatching abilities, and pinched the snake right on the head!
            “Aaaaaaaaaah!” the girl shrieked.
            “Aaaaaaaaaaah!” the other girls shrieked.
            “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Michelle shrieked.
            Celia started waving the snake around, wondering what was going on. Too bad I was laughing, or I could’ve taken some great photos.
            Of course, all that alarming screaming made Celia open her hands and start to cry. I can’t blame her. She has such a limited life experience, and all these previously calm people were suddenly freaking out around her. She dropped the snake and Michelle took her to a bench to breastfeed her to tranquility.
            I smiled and shook my head. I’m just glad she didn’t hold it long enough to put it in her mouth!
            The girls later reported to me that Thank Goodness the snake was fine.
            What do you mean by that? I asked them, and they said, Well, we put it in a home we made for it, and when we came back later he was still there enjoying the home.
            Oh, right. A snake that doesn’t like to move. Yes, definitely not hurt, I nodded with them. That Celia has quite the little pinch. She’s getting stronger every day. And I can’t believe it, but we took her to this public kid’s pool with water slides and the whole works, and she fit in beautifully. She had so much fun, never once cried, and kept trying to swim out to the deep end to play on the flotation toys with the bigger kids.
            I can count on one hand how many times we’ve actually been deep enough in the water with her so that she’d know how to swim, but I kid you not, I held her under her chest and she naturally kicked her legs and arms beautifully, as if I’d already taught her. Sure, she would have sunk in no time without me, but I was quite impressed, and reminded yet again seeing her next to her inert little cousin – this girl is really growing up quickly!
            I do have to say, this new spurt of maturity she’s going through right in the midst of hanging out with a neonate is quite the eye-opener to just how much she’s grown, and also just what a precious little girl she is. Every time she smiles at someone, it lights up the room and creates a smile on the other person’s face. She’s one precious little pumpkin, and I am so glad she is my daughter; the snake-pinching little monkey.

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