Monday, August 31, 2009

Clash of Parenting Styles

            Michelle and I had a clash of parenting styles over the weekend.
            Friday after work we scurried out the door with a bursting car (kids add about 2.3x to the amount of stuff required at any one event) and headed to the beach for a friend's birthday party, complete with barbecues, a boccee ball tournament, and a late-night dip in the ocean. Anyway, long story short, Michelle had had a long week, and when we were just arriving she said to me, "You're on baby duty tonight."
            "No problem," I replied.
            But of course, my version of baby duty was quite different than hers. I think her version involved things like 100% focus on the child, feeding her, entertaining her, etc, etc. My version involved letting her roam around, because, "Hey, where's she gonna go anyway?" We were on a grassy field, with lots of friends who'd help if she was doing anything crazy, and what could she possibly do to truly hurt herself?
            Side note here, I did explain all of this to Michelle the following day, and the best she could come up with was, "She could've eaten the goose poop!" Yes, there was a proliferation of goose poop in the near vicinity, but I have a suspision that if the little sweetie were to try some she'd instantly know she didn't like it. And frankly, I'd rather she try goose poop than dog poop, or worse, human poop, to learn the lesson of what not to eat. Geese eat grass, and although their poo is stinky, I'm sure it's not going to kill my kid.
            Anyway, all this to be said, she ended up taking over responsibility for the baby, and afterward we had strained words about the event. For the record, I did apologize, because of course I could stand to be more watchful, but in the end (and I hope I don't come across as a typical male here) my overall impression is that perhaps this whole discussion was heightened because she's finally reached that "time of the month" again, after at least eighteen months.
            Yeppers, we can get pregnant again.
            Watch out Celia. I doubt you'll ever get this kind of attention ever again. Enjoy it while it lasts, because parenting styles aside, when you add a second child to the mix the firstborn gets less than half of the available time of the parents. Happens every time.

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