Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Joke From the Chiropractor

            I went to the chiropractor yesterday. Hadn't seen him in months. He asked me how my trip was.
            "Nice," I said. "We had a great time."
            "And how did the road trip go?" he asked.
            "Oh, she broke down in tears twice, but overall did really well."
            "That's not too bad. And how did the baby do?" he asked.
            I laughed so hard we couldn't say or do anything else until the tears finally ran their course and my belly stopped shaking.
            Ah, kids. Sure, they cry, they stink, they fuss, but they sure add a good dose of humor as well.


  1. Got to say Ephie, I love this blog. I check in time to time and I’m constantly amazed at how similar some of my experiences with my daughter have been to yours and Celia’s. Wish I would have had the chance to talk with you a bit at the reunion. I would have enjoyed swapping Father/Daughter stories.

    Steve McDaniel

  2. Hey Steve,

    Glad you're enjoying the blog. It definitely feels down and dirty to me! I would've liked to chat more as well... crazy how much the music was cranked at that reunion!

    Cheers, and enjoy your daughter!