Friday, September 4, 2009

The Head Band

            When I got home from work yesterday my daughter was wearing a head band. It was such a little thing, but it hit me full on: she’s getting older! It may be laughable, but I was shocked.
            Not that the reasoning is shocking; she has enough hair now to need to keep it out of her face. The shocking thing was when I thought to myself, “She’s going to make that leap from ‘cute’ to ‘beautiful’ in no time. And from there, it’s just a hop skip and a jump to go from ‘beautiful’ to ‘sexy’! Egads! My daughter’s growing up!”
            Okay, okay, she’s still a baby. But I am utterly amazed at how quickly all of this is happening.
            Some friends came by after she went to bed and we hung out over a few late-night drinks catching up, when the baby started to fuss. Michelle told our friends to come up and see the baby, because it had been a few months. When they saw her they were shocked. “She’s huge!” one of them said.
            Celia kept looking over at my buddy with a big grin. His wife said, “Why does she like you so much?” He danced and sang for her, and Celia clapped in delight. In fact, Celia was so happy, when it was finally time for them to leave, they kissed her and said, “Good-night,” and instantly Celia broke into wails.
            “What did I do? Did I hurt her?” my friend asked.
            “No. She just doesn’t want you to go,” I said.
            We left and I felt amazement again. How quickly this time passes. Before we know it, we’ll blink and she’ll be in school. She’s already less than a month away from her first birthday. It won’t be long before I’m pulling out the shotgun to scare off all the horny boys.

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