Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cut the Rope!

            Ah, the long weekend!
            I am so thankful to be working at a job that honors things like stat holidays, because: Boy do I ever appreciate them! I went sailing with two good buddies while Michelle took Celia to the Island to see a friend. What a splendid time! Good company. Good adventure. Good food.
            On our first day, the weather was so rough, we had gale-level gusts and two meter swells. For those of you who don’t sail, it was only a thirty-foot boat, and that’s a lot of weather for a little boat. We actually tried putting up the jib (the smaller sail in front), while I was at the helm, and the boat started to tip dangerously, taking in water on the side.
            “Cut the rope!” my buddy who owns the boat called out. That was one of those fantastic moments for me. The kind of moment where I suddenly felt like I was inside a movie or book. Where Tale of Adventure meets Real Life. My other friend leaped onto the knot where my friend was pointing and cut the sail loose quickly. In the end, not a big deal at all, but in the moment we all certainly felt a healthy dose of adrenaline pounding through our bodies.
            When I got home late last night and finally saw my daughter, I was so delighted to see her; so thankful to have her in my life, I surprised myself. Same with my wife, actually. A bit of distance does marvels to help us realize how precious our loved ones are.
            A good college friend of mine had a stillborn yesterday. I feel so many things when I think of her; sadness, shock, care, and thankfulness. That last one is the key. I’m so thankful for what we do have. She has two wonderful healthy kids, and I have one. That’s such a gift. We have to stop and appreciate that.
            In fact, I’m going to stop and do that right now.

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