Monday, November 16, 2009

Pickles and a Big Sister

            Michelle is eating pickles again. Last time she was pregnant she went through a faze where we literally witnessed the influx of a dozen different brands of pickles. I had no idea the variety and complexity of pickle potential until Michelle was pregnant.
            It’s still a bit unreal to me, the idea of having a second child when our first is still such a little potato. I have a feeling she’s going to be a great big sister. We read her this book every night about a kid whose mom is pregnant, and at the end gives birth. I think Celia understands, and if we keep at it, she’ll be excited for the second child, rather than resentful (which I’ve heard can happen if you don’t lead up to it well).
            She tries to be a help with whatever we’re doing. It’s so adorable, and although it most certainly is the opposite of helpful, we just love watching her get involved. We were folding up some laundry and putting hers away in her drawer. Celia came over and Michelle said, “Celia, why don’t you go put these away in your drawer?”
            Celia obediently took the folded pants and walked over to her dresser drawer, which was already open, and put the pants in it. Then, she pulled them out, along with every single other article of clothing in the drawer.
            I looked at the mound of clothing sitting next to Celia and laughed. “Celia! You’re such a big help! Look at how well you put clothes away!” She smiled up at me and started putting the clothing back in.
            She likes putting stuff in and out of containers. This morning I asked her to help me put my lunch in the lunch box. Every item I handed her, she eagerly placed it inside the lunch box. “Thank you!” I patted her on the head. “You’re such a big help!”
            Yes, I think she’ll make a great older sister. I just hope I’m as ready for it as she is!

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