Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plastic Mass-Marketed Sound-Polluters

            I remember before we had Celia I said to Michelle, “I don’t want any toys in the house that are plastic. I don’t want any toys that make those terrible little kid sounds on lousy little speakers. And I don’t want anything that speaks of corporate America.” Those were my three limits, and I was planning on sticking with them.
            Of course, even before Celia was born we were given a plastic Disney toy, which, of course, Celia now loves playing with. And all three limits I swore to never allow have taken over our lives in an overwhelming way.
            Today was no exception. We went to a friend’s house for lunch, and his mother pulled out some toys for Celia to play with. Of course, her favorite was a little plastic car with Care Bears plastered all over them, and a delightful little button that, when pushed, sings a cheesy little song that has an utterly unimaginable way of seeping into your subconscious and resurfacing throughout the day.
            Celia liked it so much that they gave it to her, and it’s parked in my living room next to the stereo speaker even as I write.
            Well, I can’t say I’m unthankful. But I certainly recognize how much my “theories” about parenting have changed now that I’m in the middle of it all. When things are down and dirty, I’m actually thankful for annoying little toys that will keep her happily occupied. Who’d’ve thought?

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  1. Mua ha ha ha! If you had a nickel for every "I will never..." that ended up going the way of the dodo bird, you'd be a millionaire. Lesson #1 of Parenting :P