Wednesday, November 18, 2009


            My daughter got more curious overnight.
            When she cried for me to pick her up at 6:20am, I groaned out of bed, took her downstairs, turned on the aquarium light to feed the fish, and lay down on the carpet to do my stretches. She immediately crawled to my feet and started twiddling my toes.
            I smiled and craned my head to look at her, “Are you grabbing my toes?”
            She grinned and patted her arms happily. I’m not sure what made my toes more interesting than every other day, but when I went back to my stretching she tried to suck on them. I laughed and picked her up.
            Later, when I was making breakfast, she didn’t want to be at my knee-height. She wanted to see everything I was doing, so I picked her up and explained everything as I did it. “These are the coffee beans. Watch me grind them. See how I’m boiling water here? That’s for my coffee. Caw-fee. Can you say that?”
            She watched quietly and contentedly the entire morning. And after she ate breakfast, when we sat down to read a couple of books before I had to go off to work, she constantly pointed at the things on the page and said, “Wazzat!”
            I know she’s trying to say, “What is that?” so I always explain, “That’s a flower. That’s a star.” She pulls her hand back, then points at another object and calls out, “Wazzat!” Every time a dog comes on a page, she leans forward and brings the book up to her mouth so she can kiss it.
            She loves dogs. Every time she sees one she flips out happily. I think it’s partially because we don’t have one ourselves, so they’re always a special event. That was probably the biggest life-saver for Michelle yesterday. Our cat has fleas and a couple of injuries so Michelle had to take it to the vet. We gave away our cat carrier a couple years ago, so she packed Felix into a cardboard box, strapped Celia into the car seat, and drove down to the vet’s office.
            Thankfully, all the dogs in the waiting area kept Celia occupied for the hour or so they had to camp out there. And the owners were apparently all thrilled that somebody was so excited to meet their little doggies. That’s what Michelle told me, and I totally can just imagine it now. Celia really brings out the grins in people.
            I think I’d have to say that’s one of my favorite things about parenting her, at this point – all the smiles it bubbles out of me. And every time she grows a bit more, like today’s curiosity, it makes me sit back in awe at the miracle of being human.

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