Thursday, December 24, 2009

Caroling with Carol

            We took Celia with us caroling. A group of twenty of us, all bundled up and wearing things like bright red Santa hats, trundling into the cold and ice to pull out a beat-up guitar and raise our voices at peoples’ doorsteps. Celia loved it, although she fell asleep by the third house. In the end, we just left her in the car with the engine on, amazed that she could sleep through our loud singing and conversations.
            Spirits were high, and jokes were aplenty. Of course, our friend Carol was punned a few times, but my favorite moment was when John, who was in our car, was explaining who the different people were. “My sister Elizabeth is married to Michael.”
            “Oh, she’s beautiful!” Michelle said enthusiastically. “Which one is she?”
            We all laughed, and drove on to the next house, where once again we were invited in for Christmas treats. I’m so thankful to be in Montana for Christmas, with my parents and brothers and family friends. There’s something so right about being here. It reminds me that this is where my heart is. Yes, we will wait to have our child in Canada, where we know we’ll have health coverage, but we will do our best to move here as soon as possible afterward.
            I just hope I can figure out what the heck I’m going to do with my life before then!

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