Thursday, December 31, 2009

Discos and Thankfulness

            Over the last week Michelle and I have started doing a little ritual every evening. We ask each other – what are you most thankful for, and what are you least thankful for. Our answers are usually brief, but sometimes open up a beautiful self-awareness of what we appreciate and want more of in our lives, and also what we don’t like – the stuff that’s dragging us down.
            I’ve noticed that my favorite moments have involved family bonding, whether with Michelle, Celia or my brothers and parents. I’ve also been thankful for times where we get out of the city, like when we went snowshoeing, soaked in the hot springs, hiked a local mountain, that sort of thing.
            The things I’ve least enjoyed have been not taking enough time for myself. Which is why I’ve taken this time right now to write. The great thing about asking each other these questions is it gives us a sense of what’s most important, and what we need to make time for each day. My mom has been a savior for us with Celia, watching over her in the mornings so we can sleep in (hence we’ve been staying out past midnight! Woo-hoo!). But on the downside, it feels like I’m missing out on some of those precious opportunities with Celia in the mornings. I’ve got to live with more balance.
            Maybe I’m unrealistic. On a vacation, how does anyone live with balance? But at the same time, I’d like to think it’s possible. So far, I’ve passed off Celia to my mom and gone back to sleep nearly every day of our vacation. I’ve had rest, and nice dreams, but I don’t want to miss out on mornings either.
            This morning in my dreams she said to me, “Disco-O there!”
            I thought, “Disco? Why would my baby be telling me about disco?” But then I realized, she was saying, “Just go over there!” How funny is that? She doesn’t even know how to talk yet, and already in my dreams I’m misinterpreting her.
            Ah, yes, I’d better make sure I have time with her outside of dreamland. I know if I do, I will be most thankful for it.

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