Thursday, December 10, 2009

Longing for Christmas

            Almost at Christmas. I can hardly wait. Not only because I’m taking some time off and visiting my family again, but because I’m changing what I do work-wise by the end of the year.
            It’s a bit frustrating, because I still don’t know exactly what that’s going to be. My current boss, who’s agreed to hire me on a contract basis, has been so busy we haven’t had a good meeting yet to figure it all out. I’d like to figure it out sooner than later, but even so, I’m just thrilled for the change and for some rest.
            These early mornings are killing me. Not just because I feel terrible when I get out of bed so early, but I dearly miss the time with my kid in the mornings. And she seems to miss it too. In the afternoons she’s just not the same. In the mornings she has a calm inquisitiveness that is truly appealing. I’ve been missing that this week, leaving at 5:40am before she even wakes up.
            It’s funny. Fourteen months ago I didn’t even have a child to miss. Now, after such an intense time together, I have trouble imagining anything else. She’s truly become integrated into my life.
            I just hope I can have the energy to appreciate her when I get home these days, rather than conking out for a nap.

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