Friday, December 18, 2009

Slept Like a Baby

            When I arrived at work this morning I greeted one of my co-workers. “Hi. How’s it going?”
            “Oh good,” he said. “I slept like a baby last night.”
            “Oh, you were up every two hours crying?”
            He laughed. “Okay. Fair enough. I slept better than a baby!”
            I looked at another co-worker knowingly. His kid woke up every couple of hours puking last night. My daughter happened to do well last night – no wake-ups till 6am. The challenge for us recently is the inconsistency of it all. Over the last five days, three of them she slept soundly the whole night through. The first time she slept through the night recently, Michelle and I looked at each other with tremendous hope in our eyes. This could be the beginning of a brighter (and more rested) future.
            But the very next night she was up every couple of hours wailing away. One of those nights was the night right before our biggest work day of the year. The day where we had to show up early to actually get work done, then present our year-end reports in the afternoon, followed by the annual Christmas party at the Canucks game. It as 5:00am when Celia started wailing, and Michelle said, “Ephie, you take her.”
            I grumbled internally: how could she ask me to take the baby so early on the biggest work day of the year! But I kept my mouth shut. Thank God I did! It turned out Michelle had been up half the night with the baby. I had no idea. She had done her best to keep things quiet so I could sleep, and by 5am she was utterly exhausted.
            So, last night I conked out at 9pm. I had a friend who’d stopped by and stepped out to smoke his pipe on our front porch (it has a nice sofa, and really is the most ideal place I can think of to smoke your pipe). I had to tell him, “Thanks for stopping by, but I’m hitting the hay. Can’t keep my eyes open.”
            And that, I do have to say, is what happens when people “sleep like a baby.” Who knows where that saying comes from? Makes no sense to me. Better to say, “I slept like a teenager,” or “I slept like a rock.” My five-month nephew seems to be sleeping a lot more soundly than my fourteen-month daughter, but I think it’s safe to say, babies do not, as a rule, sleep soundly through the night.

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