Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elbows and Learning Quickly

            Yesterday I left work early with a queasy stomach and exhaustion from a very full week. When I arrived home Celia was taking a nap so I went straight upstairs to sleep.
            After an hour Celia scrambled upstairs and jumped on me.
            “Hello Sweetie!”
            Celia had a big grin on her face. “Daddy!”
            “I’m home!”
            We wrestled on the bed, then I carried her downstairs. I felt refreshed. Celia proceeded to show me some of what she’s been learning, starting first with the number book. While I was gone she somehow learned to say every number from one to ten! I shake my head in wonder – how quickly they learn!
            She sat in my lap and I asked, “Where’s Celia’s eyes?”
            Celia pointed at her eyes.
            “Yes!” I grinned at Michelle. “Where’s your nose?”
            Celia pointed at her nose.
            “Yes!” We then went through the cheeks, chin, lips, mouth, teeth, ears, forehead, eyebrows, hair, fingers, nostrils, and Daddy’s beard. Then, I stumped her. “Where’s your elbow?”
            She looked at me quizzically, then pointed at her nose.
            “That’s your nose, silly!” I pointed at my elbow. “This is an elbow. Elbow.”
            Celia touched her elbow and said, “Elbow.”
            I raised my eyebrows. Wow. She’s figuring things out quickly now.
            Elbow became her favorite word for the day. She must have said it three dozen times, and repeated it constantly as we put her to bed.
            But I get ahead of myself. After the body-part session, I still felt the need to settle my stomach, and I suddenly had an inspiration. I’d just brought back a bottle of Bombay gin at the Duty Free store, and I said to Michelle, “Gin and tonic time!”
            I mixed and poured myself a delicious gin and tonic. The ice cubes were clinging to their tray, and one of them dropped on the ground as I was shaking it. Celia reached down and picked it up. Of course, it instantly went into her mouth.
            I had one of those delicious moments, sitting in the kitchen sipping a splendid swill and watching my daughter figure out ice. She clenched it tightly until her hand turned red, then put it in her mouth, and then back to the other hand.
            “That’s called an ice cube,” I said to her.
            She was happy. We were all happy. I love watching my daughter at this stage where she’s learning so quickly. I love being here to see her little brain figuring all these things out. It’s good to be back home.

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