Monday, January 4, 2010

Growing Up and Throwing Up

            We were planning on leaving first thing in the morning on the twelve-hour road trip back home. I emphasized with Michelle and our accompanying friend that 9am would be the latest departure time. But at 3am our baby started puking, and didn’t really stop till sometime after 4:30am.
            I was frightened for her. She’d be lying on her back, then start making a gurgling, choking sound. I was freaked out not only because it sounded like she could choke, but because she’d fallen off the bed and hit her head before going to sleep, and a parent asks themselves, is she in shock for some sort of more serious trauma inside?
            The first time she puked, we cleaned her up, held her tight, and let her sleep in our bed, to comfort her. The second and third time, everything was a stinky mess, and I seriously questioned whether we’d be able to leave at all.
            We did finally roll out of town after 12:30pm the next day. It was the latest I’ve ever left on a long road trip. We pulled up to our home after midnight, and didn’t sleep till 1am. The next day was Sunday, and since I was up with Celia anyway, I took her to church while Michelle finally got some rest.
            The woman in the pew behind me said, “Well, she’s throwing up, isn’t she?”
            I was shocked. How did she know? Granted, she’s a mother of three kids herself, but was it so obvious?
            “How did you know?” I asked.
            “Know what? That she’s growing up?”
            “Oh! Growing up! I thought you said throwing up. Because she’s been doing that too.”
            “I see,” she said. “No, I was just commenting on how big she’s getting.”
            “Yep,” I replied. “And I suppose either way, I’m still a bit in shock, whether she’s growing up or throwing up.”
            She smiled and I gave Celia a hug. It’s good to be home, even though it was a long and tiring trip. I just hope my baby’s okay, and that I can keep myself awake today!

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  1. I read this post feeling so bad for you guys, but that last part at the end had me laughing pretty hard. All part of the adventure.