Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cuteness Factor

            Is it possible that my daughter somehow got cuter? I didn’t think it was possible to be cuter than she already was, but now when I look at her I am amazed at all the small things that add up in the “cuteness factor”.
·       She scrunches up her little hands and holds them up to her mouth when she’s feeling shy.
·       Her humongous toothy grin, far larger than you’d think could come out of such a small person, and complete with black gaps where there are still no teeth.
·       Squinting her eyes when she grins at the camera.
·       She takes off her shirt randomly and walks around bare-chested. You never know what to expect when you see her.
·       She bounces up and down when she likes the music playing.
·       She’ll now entertain herself by running back and forth chasing the cat, climbing up onto furniture (we found her on top of the clothes drying rack! Eek!), or digging into some new discovery (plants, purses, computer bags, etc).
·       I can’t eat anything in front of her anymore. She bounds over, lifts her arms and says, “Uuugh!” which is her way of saying, “Could you please let me try that delicious looking morsel in your hands?”
·       She sneezes 10 octaves higher than anyone else in the house.
·       She will help unload any groceries, even beer bottles. And she’s actually quite good at it, believe it or not!
Every dad finds the things they find adorable in their kid. I’m just amazed that every day the list keeps getting bigger!

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