Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New Stage of Crying

            My daughter has always cried when things weren’t going her way. But now the crying has reached a new stage. When she doesn’t get her way, or when we take something away from her, her face will turn bright red, she’ll pinch her eyes shut, and with a huge open mouth she’ll basically start to wail, but no sound comes out. Instead, she inadvertently holds her breath for five or more seconds. Tears start running down her cheeks.
            And then the wail comes. I think deep down her instinct is telling her that if she wails she’ll get her way. Or at the very least express how displeased she is. But for me, it’s usually either funny to watch, or a bit exasperating, depending on the circumstances and my mood. Either way, my strategy is to pick her up and distract her by pointing out some of the things around. She usually pops out of it rather quickly, and we can move on to something more interesting.
            I don’t think it would be healthy to let her cry that intensely for too long. I wonder if I ever did that as a kid.

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