Saturday, April 17, 2010

Potty Progression

            We were at a nice potluck dinner, and the host asked us to bow our heads as he said a prayer over the meal. Everybody stopped their chatter and quieted down. The room took on a feeling of reverence as the host paused before beginning his prayer. But before he could utter a word, my lovely little daughter loudly proclaimed, “Poo!”
            It’s actually quite helpful these days. She tells us when she’s done the deed in the diaper so we can change it quickly. The less she smushes it around the better.
            So, I gingerly took her away from the room and checked the diaper. Maybe it was mostly a fart. Only a tiny amount was actually in the diaper. I could tell the big one was coming, so I soon said, “Time to go home!” and we piled in the car.
            Leaving parties is always difficult for Celia. She whines and wants to stay until the last minute (reminds me of me), but we did make it home before she exploded. And then, she got the “look.”
            “Michelle, she’s gonna poo!”
            “Quick! Let’s put her on the potty!”
            We’ve showed Celia a few different things about the potty; a video and a few books. We got her a couple of different ones she could sit on when we’re using the toilet. The cutest thing is watching her grunt as she sits on it, mimicking us. This time was no different. We plopped her on the potty, and she started grunting.
            I looked at Michelle with raised eyebrows. Maybe this could be the moment? Maybe from here on she would be making all of our lives a whole lot easier? Could it be?
            She stopped grunting and stood up, to reveal… the tiniest little turd I’ve ever seen. But it was there, nonetheless.
            “Hooray!” Michelle and I cheered. “You did it!”
            Celia looked at her handiwork proudly. I watched her with a smile on my face.
            They say girls figure it out sooner than boys. Whatever the case may be, I really hope she figures it out sooner than later. What an odorless relief that will be.

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