Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second-born Syndrome

            The second-born gets gypped.
            For the first-born, Michelle spent countless hours reading books, and preparing herself and her home for the new arrival. All sorts of new items were purchased or borrowed. Advice was obtained. Literature and movies were watched with intensity. Heck, we even enrolled in a class.
            What does the second-born get? So far, I can’t really say much at all. Not even a baby shower yet. The poor little guy – I hope he doesn’t get second-born syndrome. Although, come to think of it, both Michelle and I are second-born kids, and we turned out mostly okay.
            My mother put it in a way I can easily understand. She said, with the first-born, when the pacifier falls on the ground you run it under hot water to make sure it’s fully sterile before giving it back to your darling new baby. With the second-born, you give it a quick rinse, to get the major dirt off. With the third-born, a quick wipe on the sleeve seems to do the trick.
            And guess what? We all turned out okay. Maybe the lesson here is that we need to let up some of our energy with the first-born, even just a tad, instead of pouring a whole lot more into the second. Either way, the kid’s coming in six weeks or so, and I’m barely ready. I haven’t really had time to let it sink in yet, because I’m so wrapped up in enjoying my daughter’s antics.
            Parenting a single child is an all-night roller-coaster. I wonder what parenting two children will be like?

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