Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swap Meets and Squinty Eyes

            It was the kind of day I wish I could always have. Everything was perfect.
            I made these special Italian eggs for breakfast, and we all sat around enjoying one another’s company and looking at the gorgeous sun peeking through the brand new cherry blossoms out the window. I looked at Michelle and Celia and felt an overwhelming sense of love for them, and for life. Celia sat in my lap, and I sipped a smooth roasted coffee with great pleasure.
            I smiled at Michelle. “Let’s go the beach instead of church today.”
            “Count me in!” Michelle had a big grin on her face.
            We not only went to the beach, we went to a kids’ swap meet where we purchased over $250 worth of toys for only $20, a massive playground where Celia bonked her head only a few times, then the beach, where Celia ditched her new pail and shovel to hang out with the two girls nearby and not look over at us even once for half an hour, followed by lunch at the best café in West Vancouver, and a long drive along the winding ocean-side road while Celia took a much-needed nap, and finally off to another park on the ocean where the wind is so perfect everyone flies a kite, and we tried out Celia’s new butterfly kite for the first time (purchased for $1 I might add).
            At one point she stripped off her shirts and proclaimed to us, “Nakey!”
            She absolutely loves being naked. I wonder if all kids do? In some ways, I don’t want her to learn how to properly pronounce “naked”. “Nakey” just makes more sense for a kid, especially when said with a huge grin and squinty eyes, as Celia does it.
            It was the perfect day, and it ended in ice cream and kisses. As every good day should.

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