Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Health Hiccups

            So, although everything’s mostly healthy, both Michelle and little Joshua have issues. Michelle has major uterus cramps when she breastfeeds, and is still wobbly from losing all that blood. and Joshua has a weird hip thing. I’ve also noticed that he hiccups a lot, but I think that’s mostly normal.
            I imagine that they’ll both get better soon, but still, they remind me how traumatic childbirth really is. Michelle told me, “I’m glad that day’s over-with.” I totally agree. Although it’s an odd one, because that moment he was born, all bright purple and odd-looking, was one of the happiest moments of my entire life.
            It’s kind of like that time I was young and walking through the bitter cold for almost two hours, feeling awfully frozen and desperately desiring to be indoors. I distinctly remember that first sip I took of a hot chocolate. It was like heaven.
            Maybe we have to go through tough times to appreciate things more. True or not, I do hope Michelle and Joshua recover quickly. This is one health-hiccup I’d rather do without.

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