Friday, June 18, 2010


            Today was my last day at work. What a mixed bag of emotions – on the one hand I’m absolutely thrilled to be moving on to something new, and on the other hand I’m already missing the familiarity that I’ve had the last two-and-a-half years.
            Thankfully, I left on good terms with everyone. In the send-off gathering at the end of the day I said I felt good that I was leaving them in a whole heckuva lot better situation than when I arrived. That’s my goal in life – to be a blessing to all that I am in contact with.
            So, I packed up my bag with all the stuff I’d collected over the years – the family photo, work magazines, external hard drive, and a few leftover snacks, and I walked out the door to my new life.
            All the way home I dreamed about what would be next. So many things are unclear about our future, and yet I held onto the things I am decided on. We’ll be buying a minivan and a canoe, and making sure to get out into creation at least once a week. We’re going to be surrounded by love – relatives and a tight community. But other than that, where we’ll live and what I’ll do for work are as of yet unknowns.
            When I walked in the door my entire house was bustling with activity. Michelle was feeding Joshua on the couch, Celia was running around with my mother following closely behind, and my sister-in-law was in the kitchen feeding her son. I shook my head. I’m starting to reconsider living with my parents, if I can help it. No disrespect to my family, who I love, but the house has been quite full the last week, to the point of feeling kind of hectic. I’m not sure we really want a “hectic” feeling in our lives. I’m thinking it would be nice to have our own space if possible.
            Some friends stopped by to see the new baby. “What’s he like?” they asked.
            My mother replied, “As far as we know, he’s perfect!”
            I smiled. I like the way she put that. Maybe that’s what all of life is like. So far, as far as we know, it’s perfect. We don’t know how we’re going to make it. We don’t know where we’ll lay our heads. But we know who we love, and we know we are loved. What could be more perfect than that?
            Just then Celia barfed up a bit of her blueberry smoothie on her foot. I held Celia and called, “Michelle! Celia just barfed!”
            Michelle came running over. Celia was wearing a new purple tie-dye outfit her grandma had just given her. Michelle came and wiped up the purple puke off Celia’s sleeve and foot. “Well,” she said, “At least it matches her outfit.”
            I smiled. It may be messy, but of all the barfs we've seen so far, that one was definitely the most well-matched. One could even call it perfect.

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