Monday, June 28, 2010

Twisted Hips

            The little bean (aka Joshua) has been on edge for almost a week now. It’s like he woke up from his euphoric stupor, realized he wasn’t sucking in umbilical cord anymore, and decided he’d make good use of his lungs.
            It doesn’t help that we got the poor guy circumcised on Friday. Ouch.
            I’ll never forget watching the doctor cut off that little flap at the end of the penis. It was so sudden. So bloody. So painful for my own family jewels, just to think about it.
            But the nice thing about doing it young is the kid recovers quickly, as of course he has. And I’d like to think that it was the circumcision that made him cranky, but a few days leading up to it as well I felt like he was a bit “off.” He’s seemed too cranky sometimes, as if he’s in pain that doesn’t have to do with gas or pooping.
            When he was born the doctor told us he had a loose hip from the delivery, and to see an orthopedic doctor soon. They still haven’t booked us, and I got a feeling I should take matters into my own hands and take him to my family chiropractor, who happens to be one of the only ones around who works on infants.
            I was so thankful I did, because he showed me how twisted poor Joshua’s pelvis was, and he very gently, using his thumbs, coaxed it back into place. I was shaking my head, wondering what the long term consequences would have been if we hadn’t caught it so early.
            My chiropractor told me that nine times out of ten a colicky baby has had back trauma during birth, and some simple chiro will make him healthy again. I was shocked. It seems so simple. And it makes sense – birth is apparently one of the most traumatic experiences any body goes through in a lifetime. And when the body gets twisted up, it’s harder to eat, bowel movements become erratic, and headaches are common.
            Well, Joshua hasn’t turned into a bed of roses yet, but he does seem calmer. Now Celia, on the other hand, seems like she’s just starting to get worked up…

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