Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Like To Potty

            Now that the weather’s warmer we’ve let Celia run around naked after her bath a bit longer than usual. The ridiculous thing is that twice now she’s suddenly squatted and pooped on the carpet! It’s ridiculous because you’d think we’d know better by now, but she’s just so cute, and so mature in other ways, we keep getting sucked in to giving her that extra minute.
            Today, however, it paid off enormously. She ran around, and then started farting. “Do you have to poo?” I asked her.
            “No,” she replied, then climbed into the stroller and farted again. I started thinking I’d better get her diaper, when she suddenly said, “Poo! Get potty!”
            My jaw dropped as she ran into the bathroom and grabbed the potty. She sat on it, and sat, then stood up and said, “There!”
            We looked at her curiously. Nothing had happened. What was she talking about? But then she grabbed the potty and ran into the living room, where she sat on it again, and actually pooped!
            Michelle and I cheered. “Hooray! You did it! You used the potty all by yourself! And we didn’t even tell you!”
            Celia grinned ear to ear. I was amazed. Michelle and I had actually been discussing that we’d hold off any training until after we moved, so as not to introduce too many different changes at once, and here she is training herself!
            I know this didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ve been reading her a handful of different books on using the potty, and I’m sure at daycare she sees all sorts of other kids using the potty, so she is being exposed to it. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I was singing her a pop song, replacing the word “party” with “potty”, as in, “We like to potty! We like – we like to potty!” (it’s highly effective, you should try it).
            Still, I was shocked and delighted that she pulled this off all by herself. I started daydreaming about how different life will be when she’s potty-trained. There are moments, when I go from changing one child’s diaper to the next, when I shake my head and wonder how long this will last. But the times I really shake my head are when both kids are wailing at the top of their lungs for completely different reasons. That wears on the system the most, I think.
            I wonder. Now that she’s starting to get potty-trained, can we somehow help her get wail-trained?

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