Friday, September 3, 2010

Cheering Up

            Funny how quickly things can change. The skies become sunny, the office becomes settled, and the kids become happy. Overnight, it seems like everyone is cheering up.
            Celia slept straight through the last two nights. Joshua has toned down the crying, he smiles when he sees mobiles and giggles when he gets kisses. Michelle and I both are getting our rest. And just like that, life feels good.
             Moving the desk into my new office was a bit of a monster job in the end. It did indeed fit through the narrow doorway when we took off the molding, but the paint got all chipped, and the desk got all scuffed up. Every time a piece of paint chipped, or the desk received a new ding, I grimaced and wondered if it was all worth it.
            Of course, now that it’s in the room, this beautiful cherry executive desk, I feel utterly content. Like an executive. Today I’m going to touch up the paint on the door frame, but it was definitely worth the hassle.
            My brother is the ultimate haggler. When we went to buy the desk and other office furniture from the guy on craigslist, I asked if the guy would throw in the huge plant towering over the furniture. He wasn’t sure, so I just paid him the cash and we started hauling everything out. When it was all done, my brother said, “So are you going to throw in the plant or what. My brother’s office is completely empty right now, and he could use it.”
            “Oh, okay. Take it.”
            My brother instantly picked up the huge plant and, carrying it at an angle so as not to bonk it in the doorways, we escaped with what my wife tells me is at least an eighty dollar item. Wow. And it definitely perks up my office. I smile now looking at it as I write. It’s so tall it literally has only five more inches before it needs to find another direction besides up.
            Maybe I should give it a name. Something to reflect how everything suddenly got better overnight. How about Francis? I’ve always thought of that as a great, happy name. Or better yet, Francisco. Yeah. Adds a nice Latino twist to it. I like that. Francisco the Ordinary House Plant. It cheers me up. I’ll remember that when things get tough again. Because, if my experiences over the last two years are any guide, it most certainly won’t be long.

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