Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Two Modes of Colic

            Having a colicky child is an all-encompassing job that doesn’t end. There are days where Joshua has two modes – asleep and crying. He’s just now starting to ease up again. I hope this one lasts.
            It seems like everybody has their opinion of what to do with a colicky kid. Change Michelle’s diet. Feed him solids. Fix his back and neck (the chiropractor said his neck is really twisted). Put him on his stomach. Probiotics. All sorts of different colic medicine. Or the one I hear the most - just bear with it, they turn out mostly normal anyway.
            We’ve tried a dozen things, and I wonder if he’s starting to get through it – who knows? At this point, Michelle just had a breakdown and left him with me. He’s starting to sputter. I don’t think I’ll have more time to write anymore. I’ll take him for a long walk or something, to help him sleep.

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