Monday, November 8, 2010

Snapping Out Of It

            Joshua is snapping out of it.
            He turns five months old in a couple of days, and he’s finally starting to show signs of awareness. He can grab things (and inevitably chew on them). His whole face lights up when he sees people looking at him. And my favorite change is he’s started to laugh when he’s tickled. I could easily spend fifteen minutes bending over and giving him big rib-tickles and listening to him cackle in glee.
            It’s such a delightful age when they tone down the crying and ramp up the giggling. He’s so much more fun to be around. Recently, Joshua has been trying his hand at making sounds. Mostly, they sound like little shrieks and gurgles, but sometimes it actually sounds like language.
            I was sitting with Celia having breakfast and Joshua was next to us gurgling away. “Waaaah!” he called out.
            I smiled down at Joshua in his little vibrating chair and asked him, “What are you saying, Joshua?”
            Joshua smiled back at me and said it again. “Waaaah!”
            But it was Celia who answered my question. “He’s saying, ‘Waaaah!’” She didn’t even look up from her cereal. It was simply a statement of fact.
            I laughed. “That he is.”
            I think I’m starting to see some of his personality come through. When he’s not shrieking in pain, like he was a few days ago because Michelle tried drinking some milk for the first time in two months to see if it would make any difference (believe me, that’s the last time she does that for awhile!), it seems like he’s a pretty laid back kid. And happy. I love the fact that he always seems to have a huge smile for me. Something about an infant’s smile will perk up just about anyone, I figure.
            Parenting a colicky child wears the system down, and it’s wonderful to have a few positive things to get excited about. For the first time in many weeks, I feel rested (thanks to gaining an hour for daylight savings!), and my son is too. I think I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We can get through this time. We can do it. I know we can.

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