Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bold Reality (a poem)

Wild passionate thoughts
            carelessly winging through
                        my life
knock over a few dreams
            and my daughter
                        on their way
wreaking contaminated questionings
            and visions of the
birthing a desperate desire
            to somehow, one day,

Where exactly is uncertain, and
            even less certain
                        is how
but arrive I must,
            so I delicately embark
                        but quickly
go nowhere, and somewhere,
            just definitely not

How will I know when I
            get there – this fabled
                        legendary place
except to somehow feel certain
            of all – content and
                        at peace
and perhaps more stuff, less
            diapers, more security
                        and friends
which is odd because although
            clearly passing and
these somehow pop into the
            mind’s schemes
                        and dreams
as if they do belong there.

Too precious to squander, but
            too unknowable to grasp,
                        I allow the
uncertainty to delay action,
            raise doubts,
convince me to at least
            be present to
                        the present,
where I can hug my daughter
            change some diapers,
                        and kiss
this bold reality on the lips.

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