Monday, March 7, 2011

The Decision

            Joshua crawled across the floor to see what his sister was doing while I sat on the sofa and watched them play. His technique is relatively new and somewhat awkward – the right leg is often quite straight, and used as a pivot to bring the left leg under to spring him forward again.
            It seemed like he was on the cusp of crawling for over a month, and now that he’s picked it up, every day he adds around ½ mph to his crawl-speed. It already seems like he can fly across the room about as fast as anyone.
            We’re suddenly reminded about baby-proofing. All the plants, wires, precipices, and cat food are now dangerously positioned and in need of new coordinates.
            Thankfully, having an older sibling does make it easier. When I’m absolutely pooped and sitting on the sofa, Joshua has someone playing at his level who seems awfully interesting, and who will do a pretty decent job of keeping him out of trouble – that is, when she’s not hitting him, pushing him, or taking things from his hands. Overall, the two kids play quite well together, and it gives a parent a chance to catch his breath.
            As I breathed deeply and watched Joshua crawl on top of his sister I thought, “Having kids was a big decision.”
            In an instant I suddenly thought of the massive lifestyle I’d given up when I had kids – the late nights out, the raucous parties, the hobbies, travel, and extra stuff I could spend money on. And then it hit me – I’m going to be a dad for the rest of my life (God willing). It’s not just a big decision. This is the decision.
            Having kids changes your whole life. Forever. That’s it. It’ll never go back. So, you’d better get used to it. Welcome it. Or you’ll be fighting it for a really long time.

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